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Revision Surgery Specialist

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Douglas Krahn, MD, FACS

Bariatric Surgeon located in San Bernardino, CA & Riverside, CA

Revision Surgery Q & A


Douglas M. Krahn, MD, FACS is a leading physician in the area of Revision Surgery. No matter what the reason that a weight loss surgery has failed, Dr. Krahn has the knowledge and skill to help patients lose the weight at last.

What is Band Over Bypass?

Band over bypass surgery is a very successful option for gastric bypass patients who have been unable to lose the desired weight after a gastric bypass surgery or for people who have regained weight after a gastric bypass procedure. In this revision procedure, a lap band surgery is performed over the gastric bypass. This allows patients to get back the same amount of stomach restriction that they had right after they had their previous gastric bypass surgery. Patients will be able to eat less food, be full faster, and finally, lose the weight.

What is Sleeve to Bypass Surgery?

For patients who had a gastric sleeve surgery that was not successful, a sleeve to bypass surgery may be a good option. In this procedure, the surgeon will convert the gastric sleeve into a gastric bypass surgery. This allows the patient to still have the stomach restriction needed for weight loss, but may allow them to avoid problems like GERD.

Who May Need Revision Surgery?

People who have a failed weight loss surgery may need revision surgery. This is medically defined as being a person who has been unable to lose 50 percent or more of their excess weight. Other issues that may indicate that a revision surgery is needed include: Inability to tolerate regular food, declining quality of life, and health problems that result from the previous weight loss surgery.

Why do Weight Loss Surgeries Fail?

There are a number of possible reasons that weight loss surgery may fail. The patient may have medical complications that prevent them from losing weight. They may have metabolic or mechanical problems. Some surgeries fail because the patient never adopts proper eating habits after the surgery. Finally, some weight loss surgeries may not be successful because the original surgeon was not highly experienced with the procedure.

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