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Medical Weight Loss Specialist

Western Bariatric, AMC

Douglas Krahn, MD, FACS

Bariatric Surgeon located in San Bernardino, CA & Riverside, CA

Medical Weight Loss Q & A


Medical Weight Loss can help patients lose weight if they've been unable to maintain a healthy weight on their own. Douglas Krahn, MD, FACS at Western Bariatric, AMC helps people in San Bernardino, Riverside, and surrounding areas of South California achieve weight loss safely and quickly.

What is a Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program?

A medically supervised weight loss program is designed to help patients lose weight effectively when they are unable to do so on their own. The medically supervised diet program at Western Bariatric, AMC has been in use since 2003. This program is specially designed to help patients who have developed an obsession with food, whether it is a conscious issue or an unconscious one. In a medically supervised weight loss program, weight loss medications, hormone therapy and vitamin injections that are FDA approved may be used in conjunction with counseling and moderate exercise.

Who is a Good Candidate For a Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program?

Many people who are overweight, but who are not candidates for surgical weight loss may be excellent candidates for a medically supervised weight loss program. In some cases, people who are in the preoperative phase of weight loss surgery may take part in a medically supervised weight loss program to begin their weight loss. Any person who has been unable to achieve and maintain their ideal body weight previously may be a good candidate for this program.People with as little as 15 pounds to lose can enjoy the benefits of Medically supervised weight loss program.

What Are the Components of the Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program?

There are 4 components of the medically supervised weight loss program. nutritional Counseling, exercise, hormone therapy and appetite suppressants. Patients will have one-on-one visits 1-4 times a month. Patients find that the accountability factor makes a big difference in terms of the results they see on the scale at each of the office visits. Nutritional counseling is extremely helpful for patients who are learning how to eat healthier as a lifestyle rather than just a temporary change.

Accepted Insurance Providers

Western Bariatric, AMC accepts these listed insurance providers. Please contact the office for further information on accepted insurances.

Blue Cross
Blue Shield
Inland Empire Health Plan
United Healthcare

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